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Website Analysis and File Management Software

ByteShift are a UK based Microsoft partner specializing in the design of website performance analysis and bulk file management software products.

Our products will help you quickly find, analyze, organize and report on web-based content, network shared documents and local file storage; perfectly complimenting emergency response events, data cleansing, audits, archiving and document discovery projects.

For over 25 years, we have helped customers overcome information management bottlenecks by automating complex and time consuming content management activities. Our tools are designed exclusively to increase information visibility, reduce manual effort and minimize human error.

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Our clients range from individuals, web-masters and SEO service companies to leading universities and Fortune 500 corporations. Simplicity, absolute quality and end-user productivity are the heart of our ethos. For more information email inspired@byteshift.co.uk

Broken Link Checker - SiteScan

SiteScan Logo

Check websites for broken links, analyze page SEO attributes and test performance.

SiteScan is a fast, easy Broken Link Checker for Windows. Spider websites to uncover a wide range of client and server linking problems. Measure page performance and gather detailed meta-data for HTML, images, JavaScript, CSS, downloads and media. Details & download...

Bulk File & Folder Manager - DriveScan

DriveScan Logo

Find, manage & report on large volumes of files and folders.

DriveScan is a Windows desktop application which searches drives and network shares to display every file or directory in an Excel-like interactive grid and supports bulk rename, group, sort, filter, export, move, copy, delete, ZIP and more. Details & download...

Bulk File Renamer - EnTitle

EnTitle Logo

Search and rename groups of related files on Windows drives.

Perform deep searches across local storage or network shares to find and organize files then rename using free-text patterns, number sequencing, find and replace and case changes. Print Windows files lists or export to Excel or CSV with detailed file attributes. Details & download...

Free PDF Reader - Reveal

Reveal Logo

Ultra-fast free PDF reader with print, rotate, zoom, search and bookmark navigation.

ByteShift Reveal delivers lightening fast load and render for all PDF documents. Easily navigate, print, zoom, rotate and search within PDFs. Quickly copy document content to the clipboard, save copies, view properties and display tiled page layouts. Details & download...

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