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Broken Link Checker - SiteScan

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Spider websites to find slow or broken links, view meta-data and measure performance.

SiteScan is a Windows desktop utility to spider websites for slow and broken links (including the HTTP response ‘404 not found error’). It quickly crawls and validates all web pages, images, file downloads, email addresses, style sheets and JavaScript as well as intranet linked content.

From a starting URL SiteScan will spider your entire website, checking both internal and external links. It will verify all hyperlinks are accessible, well formed and responsive. Crawl results are displayed in real-time on an interactive grid for easy data analysis. Page, file and link problems are color-coded to indicate severity complete with client or server HTTP status codes and error messages.

Detailed meta-data is collected for each HTML page or file checked, including: response time, page referrers (inbound links), server or meta-refresh redirects, email addresses, scheme/protocol, page title, meta description, image alt text, web server type, http status codes, html body load-time and whether links are internal or external to the site (or sub-domain) being analyzed.

Website crawl results can be grouped, filtered, sorted and exported to Excel for further analysis. Existing reports can be quickly refreshed without the need for re-spidering. Scan results are color coded and easily filtered to focus in on broken links and performance problems or simply to review site meta-data, such as page titles and descriptions.

A detailed page-by-page breakdown provides access to view all page or file properties, in-bound and out-bound links, images with alt text, style sheet and JavaScript file references as well as email addresses. A built-in source-code previewer helps to visually locate and highlight hyperlinks and images directly within the HTML source.

User defined options offer fine-grained controlled over all aspects of scanning. These include: scan depth, page and hyperlink limits, sub-domain following, performance measurements, time-out settings, file-type filters, duplicate skipping and more.

SiteScan is a lightweight, but very powerful utility created to check the health of URL addresses. Users can control the resources received by the tool, as well as the depth of the scan.

The program sports a simple, but beautiful GUI. All the core functions are neatly organized and crisp icons decorate the ribbons

...a nice gem for anyone that needs to regularly check websites for broken links. The built-in browser is a great method to double-check the results!

Mircea Saveanu, SoftPedia - May 10th


Spidering a website for 404 Not Found errors.
Spidering for 404 Errors
Highlight a broken link in the HTML source code.
HTML Source Highlighting
Filter spidered pages by HTTP status code.
Error Filtering
Viewing all referring pages (incoming links) pointing to a web page.
Viewing Referrers
Grouping spidered web pages by HTTP status code to find errors.
Error Grouping
Grouping crawled web pages by the HTTP content type header.
Content Type Grouping
Filtering spider results to display email addresses.
Email Extraction
Exporting site crawl results to Microsoft Excel.
Excel Export

Key Features

  • Spider websites for slow or broken links.
  • Find mistyped or badly formatted URLs.
  • Check any type of web page, file or media.
  • Spider all hyper-links or only first occurrence.
  • Control scan depth, page & link count limits.
  • Scan HTTP, HTTPS, FILE, MAILTO & JavaScript.
  • Server & client-side redirect support.
  • Spider intranet file:// linked content.
  • Measure response, download and HTML load time.
  • Set spider speed, pause and resume.
  • Review page titles, description and alt text.
  • Set timeouts to highlight slow loading pages.
  • Save, load & refresh existing results.
  • View in-links or out-links for any page or file.
  • Highlight results with conditional formatting.
  • Work with results in real-time during scanning.
  • Sort, group, search & filter results like Excel.
  • One-click filtering for all errors & warnings.
  • Highlight URL and image markup in HTML source.
  • Export spider results to XLSX, XLS, CSV.

Free Download

The trial edition of SiteScan is fully functional for 10 days. After 10 days the product will revert to the Free Edition for non-business use.

Download SiteScan from

The latest version of the application is 2.3 released on September 13, 2015. See the Release History section below for details.

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ByteShift software is digitally signed to guarantee authenticity. Verify the certificate by right-clicking on the downloaded executable (sitescan.exe) and selecting the Digital Signatures tab.

When to use SiteScan

SiteScan offers many practical applications in addition to simply checking for broken links. Here are a few common usage scenarios where our customers find it helpful:

  • Spidering websites to see them like a search engine.
  • Viewing page titles, meta descriptions and anchor text.
  • Finding all pages linking / referring to any other page or file.
  • Viewing all HTTP response codes and error text.
  • Find broken JavaScript or CSS style sheet references.
  • See warnings about slow or mistyped/malformed URIs.
  • Measuring the response and load timing for all pages and files on a site.
  • Filtering, grouping, sorting and searching for keywords in site meta-data.
  • Conditionally highlighting results by meta-data attributes.
  • Exporting formatted site crawl reports to Excel with working hyperlinks.
  • Viewing HTTP headers and server information for web pages, images and files.
  • Visually highlighting dead links or images in the HTML page source.
  • Extracting all email addresses from a website.

Plans and Pricing

SiteScan licenses are for life and include free upgrades for 1 year. There are no recurring annual fees, additional support charges or hidden costs. Order securely on-line for immediate license key delivery.

  Free Registered
Web pages spidered for links 25 Unlimited
Links validated & tested for errors Unlimited Unlimited
Hyperlinks measured for performance> Unlimited Unlimited
Load & Save spidered data to file   Yes
Refresh existing data without re-spidering   Yes
Measure full browser load time for web pages   Yes
Measure download time for linked files & media   Yes
Export spider data to XLSX, XLS, CSV   Yes
Extract email addresses & JavaScript hyperlinks   Yes
Spider & test intranet file:// linked content   Yes
USD Pricing  GBP Pricing
Single User License
Entitles a single user to install and use the application. Enter quantities at checkout.
$49 Buy Now
Educational Site License
Organization wide use by an unlimited number of faculty staff and students.
$257 Buy Now
Business Site License
Company wide use by an unlimited number of staff and associates.
$343 Buy Now

Help and Blog Tutorials

Blog Tutorials

The following guides are provided to help you get started crawling and analyzing your first website. Each blog tutorial provides step-by-step instructions, screen-shots and tips for each step.

Video Demo

User Guides

On-line help and quick references are provided via HTML and PDF User Guides:

Release History

Version (13 September, 2015)

  • Update: General performance enhancements.
  • Update: Smaller disk footprint and faster install / uninstall.
  • Update: Rebuilt for full .NET 4.5 assembly support.

Version (24 July, 2015)

  • Update: Links and Referrers changed to Out-Links and In-Links respectively.

Version (01 July, 2015)

  • New: Support for JavaScript & CSS style sheets added.
  • New: SHIFT + Click on hyperlink field to preview in browser.
  • New: Double-click on hyperlink field to locate in scan results.
  • New: Excel export for all page in-links, out-link, images, email addresses, style sheets and JavaScript.
  • New: End of scan summary to warn of broken links and auto-filter results.
  • New: Beep on completion of long-running crawls for larger web sites.
  • Enhanced: Increased support for images. Now displayed in main spider results and page breakdown.
  • Removed: Integrated web browser removed & replaced with detailed page analysis view.

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